My name is Brandon Ebright, I am 29 years old and I was born and raised in Lansing, Michigan. Growing up I was always fascinated with two particular things, shoes and art. I could keep myself occupied for hours with simply a sketch pad and a pencil, and when it came to shoes well I bought just about every pair that I could get my hands on. I Created this brand 2/08/2016. I created Heart N Sole because growing up my mother raised me and my brother and sisters by her self it was very hard we didn't have the best clothes or shoes and people bullied and teased me because we didn't fit in so i took drawing as a way to escape the pain from their words and actions towards me ! I began drawing ideas and characters i came up with the bear logo it represents being strong and and independent, my inspiration was Kanye West as a designer he also used a bear looking character i came up with the name Heart N Sole because i do everything with my heart and soul and i loved shoes always, wanted to collect and have what others had that's were sole came from. The bandanna represents hard times and struggles of not having a dad in my life, house fires we went through and seeing my mom get hit by another man seeing her struggle and raise us alone i created this brand to wear my own clothing so i had something different something i made to call my own, to have other people wear something i created made me feel like i was something special.